Saturday, February 19, 2011

Highlight of my night!

Melissa and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden last night. We had an amazing dinner of cheese fondue, salad, and awesome pasta and grilled shrimp! When we went to leave someone had parked in front of Melissa's Explorer. Now this wouldn't be an issue to most people but the Explorer doesn't have reverse! ALSO Melissa has to blow into the starter b/c Adam got a DUI...She was SO EMBARRASSED!!! We managed to get the car started and pulled forward slightly but there was no getting out! We obviously couldn't go backwards, so she was stuck! We were cracking up and trying to figure out how to get out, if we should go back in to find the people that were parked in front of her or just wait. We were cracking up so long the people finally came out! YAY!!! The lady was super nice but Melissa was definitely embarrassed trying to tell the Johnson County lady about her broken car with a DUI blower thingy in it! ha!!! This is definitely a night we will remember forever!!

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