Monday, May 23, 2011


I <3 bows!! BIG BOWS! For little girls and babies! They are typically called "Over the Top" or "Texas Sized" bows. I can't WAIT till all the little girls in my life are born so they can wear them! I have been a bow making fool lately and so has my BFF Stephanie! I'm going to attempt to load some of my favorite bow pics! I think I've made a total of 10-15ish.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is just going to be a bunch of random thoughts in my head!

Today we (Tyler's team) has a softball tournament, he is playing and I am here at work :( but just for a few hours! Then we get to go to Home Depot to get stuff for our bathroom! We are redoing it and finally getting rid of the carpet and nasty shower liner!

Last night we went to dinner with the Hulls, we just went to Applebee's, which unfortunately is the norm :(. Haydon was SO STINKIN CUTE! And SO GOOD! He is FINALLY starting to say my name! He used to refuse to! He is calling my Aunt Andrea, only it sounds like Ann Anna, oh man it melts my heart! I don't think he really is meaning to say Aunt I just think he hears that when people call me Andrea, not sure though! Either way I would LOVE for him to think of me as an aunt! SO ANYWAY after dinner we went and started on baby Reece's room! The boys took down the bed that was in there and took it to Mallory's parent's house and we hung curtains, set up the hamper and diaper stacker, and Haydon helped put the pictures on the wall! It was fun and I was excited to help Mal do something like that! After all that Tyler and I went to the Sandbar to meet up with Tara and Preston, Preston just graduated college so they were out celebrating! It was great to see Tay, I missed her so much! We were best friends, more like sisters really, for so long and just grew apart! They just bought a house that is seriously like 3 blocks from us so I am hoping we will get closer again! She has grown up a lot in the last few years so I'm sure we will! Oh yea and she got fake boobs! Ha! I can't wait to get some!!! :)

When I'm not working or sleeping I've been making bows!! Hair bows for little girls and they are SO CUTE! I just got a big shipment of ribbon in yesterday and can't wait to work on more!!! It's relaxing and fun! And I can't wait to be able to give some to all the cute little baby girls coming into my life!

Well that’s all for now! I think I've come to the end of my random thoughts! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Failing A Test

To the best of my memory I've never failed a test. I've never failed a math test, I've never failed a spelling test, and heck I don't think I have even failed a test in college. BUT there is a first time for everything! The last several months I have failed many many tests. I’ve failed pregnancy tests, I’ve failed ovulation tests, I’ve failed progesterone level tests, and now today I have failed am failing a test that God has given me.

One of our very best friends Rick, someone we used to live with for several years, and someone who I love dearly informed my husband that he and his rocky road girlfriend Katie are pregnant. I LOVE Katie and I LOVE Rick even more but this is NOT a good thing! Rick is VERY immature, can’t keep a job, and is wild, wild, wild! He says it will help him grow up….um buddy your father has 8 kids and he still has yet to grow up! He is his father! He is EXACTLY like his father, right down to the name! I am SO upset! I have had many many friends and people I know get pregnant and though I have been slightly upset for myself I have always been happy for them. This time however I just can’t be happy for them, at least not yet. I truly believe this is a test God is putting me through and I know in the end I’ll be fine but not right now, right now I’m failing miserably.

I am so sick of people saying “it will be your turn soon”, “you need to be happy and supportive”, “God will give you a baby on HIS time”, “I guess you need to drink the water they are drinking”, etc, etc! I do not need to hear that crap! I KNOW it will be my time eventually I KNOW God will let me be a mommy when HE wants me to, but I do not understand how people that have it all almost all together can’t be blessed with a child when they want to, but people that are WAY unstable in life and their relationship can get pregnant unexpectedly!   

So I guess chalk this up for the first major test in my life that I’ve failed. I know I will get over it and eventually be happy (I mean who can’t be happy when you will have a little squishy to love on!?), but not right now. Right now I’m going to be sad and mad and not be happy for them and not congratulate them. Right now I’m going to let myself fail. Hopefully I’ll learn from it and next time I’ll handle it better!