Thursday, June 16, 2011

The bebes likes and dislikes so far.....

Today I am 5 weeks and 6 days!!! The bebe(s) already have some strong dislikes!

Dislikes list
Coffee or anything similar (which I guess is good since I'm not supposed to have it!)
pineapple-so sad :( I love pineapple in the morning!!
basically any fruit! doesn't make me sick but definitely doesn't taste very good!
envelope glue-she will be barfing on her Aunt Stephie as soon as she's born!

Chipotle! not exactly a surprise!
cheetos and ketchup :)
Taco Bell!
Ramen noodles-way high in sodium but WHATEVER she's taking after her daddy already! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm WAAAAAY behind! But on Memorial Day 2011 I got a positive test!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! I went to the doctor Amy for my pregnancy confirm appointment and she gave me a ton of "reading" material and scheduled me for my next appointment on June 29th! I will have a bunch of blood work done, and get to see the heartbeat or heartbeats :) yep! there could very possibly be 2!! Even better! I'm SO EXCITED!!! We told my mom on Wednesday and Tyler's dad and mom yesterday! They were all very excited! :) We'll tell my dad soon, once he gets back from California! So far my due date is either Feb. 10th or 11th, but we'll know more at the big ultrasound! :) I'm so excited to be pregnant with one of my best friends! Her baby will only be a couple months older than ours so they will be BFFs! :)