Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Did anyone watch the big wedding today!?!? I watched it online while I was at work! The Queen looked amazing in yellow, the Abbey was beautiful, and the bride was absolutely stunning! She was very elegant with a hint of sexy, just as a modern day princess should be! The lace on her dress was my favorite! Oh and the something borrowed, her tiara, her new grandmother loaned her! AMAZING!

Though Kate is truely a princess now, every girl is a princess on her special day! I've been known to my family as Princess Andi pretty much my whole life and definitely felt like one on my big day marrying my prince! I can't wait to exchange the princess crown for a queen one when we have our own little princess!

Now just for fun here are a few pics from Princess Kate's big day today and also a few from Princess Andi's big day several months ago! :)

THE dress

Me and my little man Haydon
 and with both kids, Briley-3 1/2 yrs and Haydon 2 1/2 years

Apparently I don't have any on this computer of my prince and I :( I'll try to add those later!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thoughts on Infertility

I stole this from a blog I read. It hit home. This lady has one daughter and has been TTC for about 2 years with I believe 2 miscarriages. So she's been at it and had a lot more heartbreak than I have but it still touched me. She had a few more random thoughts but these 3 fit me :)

Random thought #1: When you're at the infertility clinic, it should give you hope that there are lots of pregnant people and lots of pictures of babies on the wall, right?

Random thought #2: It should be encouraging when the tests all come back normal and nothing is "wrong," right?

Random thought #3: It is never appropriate to ask someone when they are going to have children or when they're going to have more children. Or to say that they "can't be going through infertility" because they already have a child. Sometimes lightning only strikes once.


I had my labs done on Friday to check my progesterone levels. Amy called yesterday (Monday) morning to tell me I didn't ovulate and they were pretty low, she didn't give me a number and I wouldn't know what it meant even if she did. So anyway she called me in another round of progesterone, this time it was for Provera which is slightly different from Prometrium, and also a round of Clomid. I started the Provera last night and then whenever I start my period I am to start the Clomid on day 3. The Clomid will help my body release the egg(ovulate) so hopefully this works!!!

Tomorrow Tyler has to go in for a SA(Seman Analysis) just to make sure he's all good. She doesn't want to keep treating me if his little swimmers are no good too. He is kind of scared to do it I think b/c he says he "never does that" but he'll be alright! Might have to sneak a Playboy in for him! haha! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

True or False!?

Here's a little true or false survey I did b/c I'm bored! :)

survey time: true or false?

I wear perfume or cologne daily: false
I have a calendar in my room: false
I screen my phone calls: of course!
I have had my wisdom teeth removed: true – all four
I have driven a mini-van: true
I own a video camera: There’s a video option on my camera so…true.
I have allergies: slight allergies
I am an only child: false. I have an older brother, Adam

I am afraid of clowns: false
I subscribe to Cosmopolitan Magazine: false
I take a daily vitamin: true
I have too many credit cards: eh true but they are getting paid off!
I have painted my bedroom: True! And every other room in my house for that matter.

I have worn hand-me-down clothes: true
I have broken a bone: false!
I have cheated on a partner: unfortunately true
I play video games: false
I have been in a submarine: false
I have been to Disney: true just once….I want to go again though! And again and again and again!

I have an opinion about Britney Spears: true I LOVE her!!! and I’m so glad she’s baaaack!
I am an aunt/uncle: false, and unfortunately most likely never will be
I have a scar on my knee: True-biking accident when I was about 7ish
I am currently on medication: true – fertility crap and prescription vitamin
I text more than I call people: true
I have been a bridesmaid/groomsmen: WAY true
I am married: true J
I have had a surprise birthday party: true- though it wasn’t a surprise
I drink coffee: true-sometimes
I watch American Idol: false
I have been to Washington DC: false
I have been on a diet: true. I suck at them though! I need to be on one though!

I have gotten into a car accident: true

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

:( and :)

UGHHHH!!!! ANOTHER ONE! Another friend just told me his wife was pregnant! how long have they been trying? Like 2 freaking days! seriously though a month just one month! I am very happy for him b/c I wouldn't want them to have to have a long wait and try for what seems like forever but it's not fair! Why can't it be that easy for every one that wants a kid and can provide for a kid!? I am very happy for them and very honored to be one of the first that they told but I'm also pretty sad for myself and Tyler :( boo!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun Day with Baby Garrik!!

I went to go see my cousin Erika and her almost month old Garrik Michael! We went to eat and a little home town place in Augusta and then dropped Garrik off at his Gma Lizzie's then we went shopping!!! We got Garrik a bunch of cuuuute clothes! He's going to be stylin' and profilin'! :) We also got a few things each for us including some pretty awesome WSU Shocker NIT Champ shirts!!! So proud of the SHOCKERS!!!
After shopping we picked Garrik back up and went back to the house and fed and played with him. He is soooo good and so stinkin cute! We put one of his new outfits on and he was the cutest little guy ever! I left about 6ish and got home right at dark. It was a long day and I was tired!!

CD1 was yesterday so I'm excited to get all this fertitlity stuff started!!! :)

I'll leave with a few pics of baby Garrik! (I'm not real sure why they are so small but oh well!)

Friday, April 1, 2011


I got some of the greatest news ever on Friday!!! One of my very closest friends Melissa is pregnant!!! They've been trying right at a year and getting ready to start fertility treatments this month and she didn't have to! :) She told me when I was at Joann's getting tulle to make tutus and I started crying at the fabric cutting counter! ha! I'm just SO SO SO HAPPY for her, Adam, and Briley! She will be anywhere between mid November and beginning of December.

We were going to have a tutu making party but after that exciting news we just went to eat with her sister Amanda, Briley, Briley's super cute friend Tori, and her neices Brooklyn and Maddison. We just ate Ponchos and it was pretty low key, the girls were super good! She dropped me off and I am now going to bed! We made a date for next Friday to make tutus at my house with Briley and Tori helping! It could be a big headache! But I'm sure we will have fun!

Tomorrow I get to go see baby Garrik and Erika!! :)