Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm WAAAAAY behind! But on Memorial Day 2011 I got a positive test!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! I went to the doctor Amy for my pregnancy confirm appointment and she gave me a ton of "reading" material and scheduled me for my next appointment on June 29th! I will have a bunch of blood work done, and get to see the heartbeat or heartbeats :) yep! there could very possibly be 2!! Even better! I'm SO EXCITED!!! We told my mom on Wednesday and Tyler's dad and mom yesterday! They were all very excited! :) We'll tell my dad soon, once he gets back from California! So far my due date is either Feb. 10th or 11th, but we'll know more at the big ultrasound! :) I'm so excited to be pregnant with one of my best friends! Her baby will only be a couple months older than ours so they will be BFFs! :)

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Stephanie said...

I am beyond happy for you and Ty, I have prayed about this for many, many months now, and I finally was able to thank God for the awesome gift that he has given you both to be parents! I am so thankful for the little miracle or miracle(s) :) that God will allow you to raise and know that you and Ty will be amazing parents. You both are hard working, intelligent, down right loving people and deserve this miracle that God has put in front of you! I can't wait to get to see, and get to know this little Fredricks.