Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well I haven't been on here in FOREVER so I figured I'd try to write something. Nothing really new other than I hate my job, oh wait thats not new! but I can't WAIT till February for POP to get here so I can be D.O.N.E. with this place!! YAY! Only about 6ish more months!!!

I do have some new pics of you little POP!! You were SO CUTE waving at your Gamma! You are already the cutest baby EVER of course! I will try my hardest to get those up tonight! So really it will be more like in 2 weeks :)

I also have pics of your Aunt Stephie's bridal shower! It was so fun but a lot of work for your mama! She got some great stuff, lots of cooking stuff so she can cook for Uncle Britt! HAHAHAHA! Those pics will come fairly soon too! :)

I guess thats all for now! Love you my little bebe! :)

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