Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas TIIIIME!!

Well Christmas has now come and gone, hopefully we'll have a little tyke at next Christmas! I didn't get anything to exciting besides my amazing(used) sewing machine from my grandparents and some boots with the fur from Ty.

We had some AWESOME news and some very sad news right before Christmas! First with the awesome news! Our friends Eric, Mal, and Haydon are adding another bebe(hopefully a princess) to the family!!! The babe will arrive either end of August or beginning of September, I'm SO HAPPY for them!! now its Melissa, Adam, and Briley's AND my and Ty's turn!!

Sad news good friend CB had a miscarriage a few days before Christmas :( they just did a DNC  yesterday and its been very hard on her emotionally and physically :( my heart just breaks for her! We decided it's just God's way of giving them more time to get ready physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially for the little babe, he or she will come when God sees fit :)
Also my friend/pharmacist from work lost his father kind of unexpectedly on the 23rd :( We(Alli, Chris, Marla, and Porschia) took a little rode trip down to the funeral this week. Jason is holding up ok but obvisouly still has his moments. His dad pretty much raised him by himself and they were best friends. My heart definitely went out to him!

So this Christmas was filled with a lot of great news and love and some very sad news. This Christmas definitely won't be forgotten for many reasons thats for sure!

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