Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fibroids and Apples :)

Amy called on Friday with the awesome (I guess) news that my uterus was normal size and thickness and there were no fibroids! I didn't even know what they were looking for so I guess thats all good news! ha! The Prometrium that I started Friday night is kicking my butt in the way of making me super sleepy but has not completed its job yet! BOO!

I didn't have to work either day this weekend (actually I worked a few hours Saturday for OT) and it was AWESOME!! I honestly don't even remember what we did Saturday! ha! Sunday we cleaned cleaned cleaned and watched my JAYHAWKS lose in the Sweet 16 I stand corrected it was the ELITE 8! these meds are making me loopy!!! either way it was a sad sad day! :(

So far today hasn't been to exciting either. I did get to go over to my BFF's desk and see the amazingly beautiful color her bridesmaids are wearing in her wedding in September! I took her this red shiney apple for a snack since she showed me the color swatch! I'm almost 100% positive she would've shown me whether I brought her an apple or not ;) I really hope you enjoyed your apple Stephie! I really enjoyed the color swatch! :)

That is all for now! I'm super stoked for tonight b/c it is TACO TUESDAY in the Fredricks' house!!! YAY!!!

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everyone calls me bon bon said...

Taco Tuesday sounds great:-) And Hooray for good news! That's always a relief, especially something focused in there/down there! xoxo