Friday, April 1, 2011


I got some of the greatest news ever on Friday!!! One of my very closest friends Melissa is pregnant!!! They've been trying right at a year and getting ready to start fertility treatments this month and she didn't have to! :) She told me when I was at Joann's getting tulle to make tutus and I started crying at the fabric cutting counter! ha! I'm just SO SO SO HAPPY for her, Adam, and Briley! She will be anywhere between mid November and beginning of December.

We were going to have a tutu making party but after that exciting news we just went to eat with her sister Amanda, Briley, Briley's super cute friend Tori, and her neices Brooklyn and Maddison. We just ate Ponchos and it was pretty low key, the girls were super good! She dropped me off and I am now going to bed! We made a date for next Friday to make tutus at my house with Briley and Tori helping! It could be a big headache! But I'm sure we will have fun!

Tomorrow I get to go see baby Garrik and Erika!! :)

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