Thursday, December 8, 2011

30+ week post!!!

How far along? 30 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: I said 15 last post but my doctor corrected me and said it was really 11....their scale was off so they had to get a new one :)
Maternity clothes? mostly everything is maternity or dresses or bigger sized shirts :)
Sleep:ehhh getting more difficult to get comfy but once I fall asleep I sleep pretty well!
Best moment this week: having Carlie go CRAZY the last few days! Especially on Tuesday evening Tyler was LOVING IT!!!
Movement: She's going to be a gymnast! Especially if she is a shawty like her mama! :)
Food cravings: none really, I did REALLLLY want lettuce tacos from Cheesecake Factory today and probably will want them BAD until I get them!
Gender: It's a girl!!!!
Labor Signs: none really....I little bit of back labor but it's not real labor
Belly Button in or out? it's an eveny ha! I don't really have a belly button right now!
What I miss: apparently I'm not supposed to sleep on my back so that!
What I am looking forward to: Has nothing to do with Carlie but our annual friends Christmas party is this weekend!! oh yea and I have my preadmissions appointment at the hospital and 32 week appointment with the doctor!!!
Weekly Wisdom:  when she gets in the ribs walk around to try to get her out! :) and the horrible back pain on the right side is mainly from her being in the ribs on the right side!
Milestones: only 9 weeks left!!! woohooo!!!! thats not really a milestone though :)

I was going to add the video of her going crazy on Tuesday evening but it's taking forever to load! So when it loads I will add it :)

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