Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thoughts on Infertility

I stole this from a blog I read. It hit home. This lady has one daughter and has been TTC for about 2 years with I believe 2 miscarriages. So she's been at it and had a lot more heartbreak than I have but it still touched me. She had a few more random thoughts but these 3 fit me :)

Random thought #1: When you're at the infertility clinic, it should give you hope that there are lots of pregnant people and lots of pictures of babies on the wall, right?

Random thought #2: It should be encouraging when the tests all come back normal and nothing is "wrong," right?

Random thought #3: It is never appropriate to ask someone when they are going to have children or when they're going to have more children. Or to say that they "can't be going through infertility" because they already have a child. Sometimes lightning only strikes once.

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