Monday, April 18, 2011

True or False!?

Here's a little true or false survey I did b/c I'm bored! :)

survey time: true or false?

I wear perfume or cologne daily: false
I have a calendar in my room: false
I screen my phone calls: of course!
I have had my wisdom teeth removed: true – all four
I have driven a mini-van: true
I own a video camera: There’s a video option on my camera so…true.
I have allergies: slight allergies
I am an only child: false. I have an older brother, Adam

I am afraid of clowns: false
I subscribe to Cosmopolitan Magazine: false
I take a daily vitamin: true
I have too many credit cards: eh true but they are getting paid off!
I have painted my bedroom: True! And every other room in my house for that matter.

I have worn hand-me-down clothes: true
I have broken a bone: false!
I have cheated on a partner: unfortunately true
I play video games: false
I have been in a submarine: false
I have been to Disney: true just once….I want to go again though! And again and again and again!

I have an opinion about Britney Spears: true I LOVE her!!! and I’m so glad she’s baaaack!
I am an aunt/uncle: false, and unfortunately most likely never will be
I have a scar on my knee: True-biking accident when I was about 7ish
I am currently on medication: true – fertility crap and prescription vitamin
I text more than I call people: true
I have been a bridesmaid/groomsmen: WAY true
I am married: true J
I have had a surprise birthday party: true- though it wasn’t a surprise
I drink coffee: true-sometimes
I watch American Idol: false
I have been to Washington DC: false
I have been on a diet: true. I suck at them though! I need to be on one though!

I have gotten into a car accident: true

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