Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had my labs done on Friday to check my progesterone levels. Amy called yesterday (Monday) morning to tell me I didn't ovulate and they were pretty low, she didn't give me a number and I wouldn't know what it meant even if she did. So anyway she called me in another round of progesterone, this time it was for Provera which is slightly different from Prometrium, and also a round of Clomid. I started the Provera last night and then whenever I start my period I am to start the Clomid on day 3. The Clomid will help my body release the egg(ovulate) so hopefully this works!!!

Tomorrow Tyler has to go in for a SA(Seman Analysis) just to make sure he's all good. She doesn't want to keep treating me if his little swimmers are no good too. He is kind of scared to do it I think b/c he says he "never does that" but he'll be alright! Might have to sneak a Playboy in for him! haha! :)

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