Tuesday, November 22, 2011

28 weeks!!! 3rd Trimester!!! :)

How far along? 28weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: 15lb total!!!
Maternity clothes? mostly everything is maternity or dresses or bigger sized shirts :)
Sleep: pretty good, I usually sleep on the couch so about 3 out of 7 nights I wake up a little stiff but its not big deal!
Best moment this week: Feeling Carlie! she's so active! she is already the coolest kid EVER!!!
Movement: lots of movement!! LOTS LOTS LOTS!!!! AND I just discovered this morning she LOVES country music! good thing since thats what is usually on!
Food cravings: none! I eat a lot of Mexican, pasta, and milk!
Gender: It's a girl!!!!
Labor Signs: none!
Belly Button in or out? very very small inny! :)
What I miss: not much, sushi I guess!
What I am looking forward to: my family shower my amazing Aunt Dian and Aunt Debbie are giving me this weekend!
Weekly Wisdom: none
Milestones: um Carlie has picked out her favorite music (country) and I got about 1/2 of her room painted last night!!!

Here are her 28 week shots!!

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Megan said...

You are adorable!! Such cute belly pictures!!