Monday, November 21, 2011

Creating a Beauty Monster!

Yesterday Melissa and I went to go get pedicures to try to get NoName to come out, apparently there are pressure points in the feet and ankles that CAN induce labor. We took Miss Briley with us so she could have a little big girl time before baby sister gets here. She has never had a mani or a pedi (she is only almost 5 so thats not that weird!) so Melissa got her both! She LOOOOVED them!!! especially the part of the pedicure where they massage your feet and legs with lotion! She got a pretty sparkly blue on her toenails, with flowers on her big toes and a sparkly pink on her fingernails with flowers (and diamonds!) on her thumb nails. I think we definitely created a little monster!! It was SO CUTE though!!! Here are just a couple not very good cell phone pics!

                                                               SO EXCITED!!!!!

                      you can barely see here but she's trying to be super still to get her nails painted!

oh BTW the foot massage didn't work to get NoName out either! Melissa is getting an hour massage (her first!) today to try to help her along another way! :)

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