Sunday, November 27, 2011


I had my first baby shower yesterday! My Aunt Dian and Aunt Debbie threw me my family shower in Colwich (Uncle Kurt and Aunt Dian's house) and it was great! Very simple and fairly small but I got a lot of great gifts!! A few of the gifts were

Carlie's crib mattress from Gma Kathie
Awesome peek-a-boo bear from my great aunts Charlene and Sharon
"Mommy Sounds" bear from Aunt Carla
CUUUUTE KU jean jacket from Aunt Maria
Quilt and blankies from Gma Lila
my bobby from Aunt Debbie!

and lots and lots more!!! LOTS of clothes!!!

Here are a few pics that Aunt Mia (Maria) took!

Carlie's adorable KU jacket! She'll be able to wear it next football and basketball season!!

Her first purse!! Cutest teether ever!

Quilt Carlie's great grandma Lila made! This is a VERY special blankie!

Her cake! It was so good!! and I look huge!

Carlie's favorite mama and grandma! :)

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