Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last night (Friday the 18th) Melissa, Amanda, and I went to go see Breaking Dawn Part 1 at the AMC Fork and Screen for opening night! We were so excited and had been waiting a year for it to come out! (Just like every other Twilight fan!). We didn't get to pick our (assigned) seats so we were in the very front at the very end :( boo!

We got sat down about 30ish minutes before the previews started and ordered our food. I got Thai Bang shrimp tacos, they were amazing!!!! We also got crab rangoon dip which was SO GOOD! and I was super daring and got a Coke (I try to limit my caffiene as much as possible b/c of baby Carlie!). Anyway we were just eating and talking, minding our own business and the theater lady came up and asked for our tickets, we all pulled out our ticket stubs which looked like this

Can you see that?!?!?! They say they are for SATURDAY THE 19TH!!!!!! We had the right seats just the wrong day! I about died!!! There were 4 ladies that were supposed to sit there and were deciding on if they wanted those seats or not (ya know since they were so crappy). Thank God they decided to just go to the regular theater and not the Fork and Screen! We got to stay!!! WOOHOOO!!!! There is one plus to having crappy seats! No one else wants them!! haha!

Anyway after our little scare we got to enjoy the movie and it was AMAZING! We can't wait till part 2 comes out in a year!! After the movie Melissa got REALLY sick in the bathroom :( we thought she was going into labor! But no dice, baby NoName is still not here :( hopefully soon though! I can't wait to meet her and for her to have a name!!!

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