Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~Maggie May~

My mom text me and asked me to come over tonight once I got home from my work/my appointments...I kind of thought that was weird since she'd usually just text me or call or even email if she wanted a check (for insurance or phone since we still have joint) but I was like ok whatever! So I went....She asked me about my doctor's appointment and doted on how cute my new hairdo is blah blah blah....then she had to tell me something....dun dun dun.....

She got all teary eyed which of course makes me teary eyed which is unusual for me now that I'm pregnant I'm kind of a cold hearted bitch! (normally I'm SUPER sensitive). Anyway my Maggie May, Maggot the Faggot (I know HORRIBLE but whatev), Maggie Moo, or most of the time just Sisser died late last night at about 11pm :( She was MY dog, MINE all MINE  I didn't share her with anyone for the first 7 years of her life (we got her when I was about 12), she was my sister and my best friend, she helped me through breakups and all the trials and tribulations of middle school and high school and most traumatic my parents divorce right before my senior year of high school. After I left for college and my mom sold our house and moved into a new one that didn't have a fence at all we gave her to our family friends Missy, Roger, Emily, and Seth. Maggie LOVED it with them and they loved having her just as much! She had new kids to play with woohoo! And now she had TWO families to spoil her! They had her for about 6 or 7 years, but she was still MY dog and everytime we saw each other it was like we were never apart! She was just an amazing puppy!

I realize that she was WAY passed her time, boxers typically only live till 10 or 11 and she was 14!!! I knew this time would come soon, actually I am SO surprised it hadn't already come, but it still sucks and I'm still very upset. Partly maybe because I feel a little guilty....I almost feel like as soon as I bought this house with Tyler we should have taken her back, but really she had a new family she was with so it would've been bad for everyone! Maybe I should've been there in her final days, but that doesn't make sense b/c I can't just sit around with her and wait for her to die, it probably would've been a lot harder on all of us to see her like that!

Now I'm just rambling b/c my mind is going 1000 miles a minute! I'll attach a pic of her I have on this computer! She was so precious! My little Maggie May with her bear (the only stuffed object she didn't tear up!)  : )

RIP baby girl! You will be missed greatly and always loved!

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Megan said...

Awwwww, I'm so sorry for your loss. : ( It's so hard losing a pet. They are definitely like family. I think it's wonderful that you let her live with a new family who loved her so much!!