Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Tyler just got back from hunting yesterday (Tuesday), he goes out to Western Kansas with our good friend Rick and his family and friends. He typically goes every year but b/c of work he wasn't able to go the last 2 years :( He LOVES it and they have a great time! Especially when they can get a lot of birds!! The limit is 4 birds per day, they hunt for 3 days so the max he could get would be 12, but because it was SO HOT and SO DRY out there this summer there just wasn't a ton of birdies around. He ended up with 6, which I actually think is plenty for us!!

I got home from work last night and was going to get in the fridge to get Ty a glass of milk for dinner (to go with our Chipotle of course!) and this is what I see......

Yep thats pheasant legs, breasts and feet with nails!!!! I about puked!!! I was like ummmmm could you not at least COVER IT?!!?!? shortly after though he finish cleaning them (taking the feet off and getting the bullets out) and put them in the freezer!

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